Student Work

Story written by Smilla

  • Student
  • Class
    Grade 5
  • School
    Internationella Engelska Skolan i Enskede

The Basement

Rumors filled the halls of Sacred Heart School. Was it true that it used to be a mental hospital and that patients were kept in the basement? David’s friends dared him to find out the truth. Of course he said yes, afraid to be teased. His “nice” friends opened the heavy, grey metal door and David walked in. The door closed the second he came in. It actually surprised him to see a white room that was empty. David turned around to go and tell his friends when the lights went out. David, who wasn’t scared at all, looked for a light switch by touching the walls. Suddenly the lights went back on. He turned around, shocked to see a dark room with blood on the walls and doors. He saw a boy coming towards him. His lime green shirt, as well as his hands, were covered in blood...