How does the admission process work?

Our intake procedure is solely designed to ensure that students are enrolled in a fair and proper manner. There are two criteria for enrollment:

  • Queue time
  • Sibling Precedence

Once you have registered your child in our waiting list a confirmation will be sent to your email address. If this confirmation is not received families should contact the school for assistance.

In November-December each year, an invitation for an Introduction Day for year 4 is sent by post to parents/guardians of students in our waiting list. There are a limited number of places for this day. The introduction day is held on a Saturday mid-January. It is important for both students and parents to participate during this day to be able to make an informed decision if offered a place. It is also important to notice that participation in this introduction day does not constitute the offer of a place at our school.

Once the Introduction Day is completed and the school has ensured that we have an up to date list of those eligible to receive a place, a final application form is sent out to parents/guardians.

Parent/guardian then makes a formal application for enrollment which becomes valid once signed by the principal.

Changes to queue status and contact information are only altered following a written e-mail request to do so by the applicant.

During intake priority is given to students with older siblings currently attending our school. If the older sibling has graduated or leaves before the younger sibling is enrolled this rule of precedence does not apply.

Does the school follow the Swedish curriculum?

Yes, we follow the Swedish curriculum which includes grades on a scale from A-F in year groups 6-9. Students in year groups 4-5 are given grade-like evaluations on the same scale.

We also offer IGCSE exams from Cambridge University for students in year groups 8-9.

Which languages are offered at the school?

Students can choose from either French or Spanish, starting in year 6.

How many year groups are in the school?

We have 5 parallel classes in each year group from year 4-9.

Where do the students eat lunch?

Students eat lunch in the lunch hall located in the school building. A meat, fish and vegetarian dish are served daily. There is a salad buffet available. Students are also provided with milk, hard and soft bread as well as fruit.

In the Junior School, classes eat with their class teacher. At the Middle School, the students eat with the other students in their year as well as their mentors.

Where are P.E. lessons held?

Our P.E. lessons are held at Gubbängshallen, located right across the schoolyard. There is a large sports hall, a smaller gym room as well as two Budo rooms. There are also changing rooms and showers. We are often out on Gubbängsfältet when the weather provides.

Does the school provide classes in the child's home language?

At IES Enskede we provide a number of different home languages. 3-5 students are needed to create a class group. The majority of students have their home language lesson here at the school after their regular classes. Students that live in another council other than Stockholm can apply for home language classes through their home council if their language is not provided at the school.

English and Swedish are not provided as home languages at IES Enskede.

How many students does the school have in total?

With 30 classes across we have 900 students in total.

In the unlikely event that I wish to make a complaint, how can I do this?

As we work together to create the right school environment in the best interests of our students, it is essential that there is a close and trusting relationship between each school and its parents.  Where there is a complaint which the mentor teacher or Head of Year is unable to resolve, the next step is for the Assistant Principal or Principal to look into the matter.  If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached within the school, complaints should then be addressed to the “Huvudman” - the organization behind the school - which is Internationella Engelska Skolan I Sverige AB. These complaints can be referred to our Academic Manager, Mr. Damian Brunker via e-mail damian.brunker@engelska.se or by letter to: Mr. Damian Brunker, Internationella Engelska Skolan, Huvudkontoret, Nytorpsvägen 5A, 183 71 Täby.  Any complaints will be investigated in a factual and objective manner after hearing from the school, parents and students involved.