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Choice Day - Junior School 2020

Choice day is a day where the students can choose what they want to do. It can vary from different kinds of activities for example sports, arts and crafts, cooking and interesting challenges and projects. The students get to choose two activities to try out this day.  

Our new way of living has changed choice day a bit. Classes needed to decide together what they would like to do that day. But the essence of the choice day is still there. To just have a lot of fun together!

Below you can see some pictures from our fun choice day activities such as yoga, different challenges, Arts and crafts.

Ms Tadena and Ms Norling Aesthetics Challenge

Ms Öhrling Arts and crafts recycling project

Ms Tadena Yoga


Ms Gillberg Friendship Bracelets 


From the Principal

Dear all,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! Although it has been a different start with Corona-19 restrictions in place, the general atmosphere around the school is very positive.

We hope you all had a restful summer with plenty of sunshine, relaxation and time with your families.

We have very high standards and expectations at Enskede, and our annual systematic surveys for 2019-20 returned very high results.

We will continue to work on critical areas that have been addressed to maintain our prestigious standing in the community.

To our new students and parents, welcome to IES Enskede!  

Registration Day 2020 Yrs 5-9 Updated

School Start 2020/2021 August 17th – Registration Day, years 5-9 


Please note that, due to restrictions in regards to covid-19, we have to ask all parents not to accompany their children to the school or the school grounds. 

Var god observera att vi på grund av restriktioner för covid-19 måste be alla föräldrar att inte följa med barnen till skolan eller in på skolgården. 


 Year 5

11.00           Meet in playground

13.00           End of Day 1


Year 6

12.30           Meet in middle school playgroud

13.00           Mentor Rooms

14.00           End of Day 1


Year 7  

10.00           Mentor Rooms

12.00           End of Day 1


Year 8

10.00           Mentor Rooms – Class lists will be available in middle school playground 

12.00           End of Day 1


Year 9

13.15           Mentor Rooms

15.00           End of Day 1


Registration Day 2020 - Year 4 Students

School Start 2020/2021 August 17th – Registration Day, year 4


Please note that on the first day of school, as well as on following days, restrictions in regards to covid-19 prevent us from allowing parents to accompany their children.

We recommend that one parent, per child, come to the school playground on Monday, August 17th. Staff will meet there and let you know the class name (4a, 4b, 4c, etc.) and the children will then be directed to their teacher. 

At the end of the first short day, parents may pick up students at the class sign on the playground. 


Under den rådande situationen med covid-19 ber vi om föräldrars förståelse för att ni inte kan följa med ert barn till skolan.

Vi rekommenderar att en förälder kommer med sitt barn till skolgården på uppropsdagen måndag 17 augusti. Personal möter där, meddelar klass och visar barnet till sin lärare.

I slutet av den första, korta dagen, får förälder hämta upp vid klasskylt på skolgården.  


Year 4

08.30           Students gather in classes on playground

08.45           Students go with teacher to classroom         

10.30           End of Day 1

Green Flag Committee

Green Flag Committee

IESE has been awarded its first Green Flag by Håll Sverige Rent!

Our first Green Flag committee was voted in in August 2019 and met every week to discuss, plan and implement our plans to make our school and community more environmentally friendly.  

Please see the following link for the details of all the projects we were involved in during the year:

We celebrated our achievements and raised the flag on Monday June 8th!

Congratulations to all involved! And a special thank you to Clare King for helping the students organize this event!