Welcome to the International English School Enskede.

From the Principal

Dear Stakeholders,

Welcome to the International English School Enskede.

We have made a very strong start to the Academic year with everyone focused and positive. I feel that our school atmosphere is the best it has ever been with students and staff working very hard to ensure a great learning environment for all. We are without doubt well on the way to creating yet another great school year, with all our students reaching the maximum of their potential.

One major positive development that is being planned starting  next academic year is in regard to our building. Sisab, our landlords together with the IES organization intend to carry out a major two phase building renovation here at IES Enskede. It is intended that this renovation will be in two phases and encompass the whole of Middle School. The first phase will begin during July 2015 and continue until January 2016. The 2nd phase will begin July 2016 and continue until July 2017. While this initial plan from Sisab may be subject to slight changes I felt that I wanted to inform stakeholders as soon as possible. I will be going out with more specifics as soon as I have them.  We will of course be ensuring that there is as little disruption to teaching and learning as possible during this whole period.

We look forward to having a completely renovated middle School building once the process is complete, making our school even better able to deliver a first class educational experience to our students.


Best Wishes,

Robert Clark