Update from the Principal

From the Principal

Dear Students and Parents

On behalf of everyone working here at the IESE I would like to wish you all a very pleasant and restful holiday.  I am sure that all are looking forward to a fantastic summer with many relaxing days of glorious sunshine.

In looking back over the current  school year soon to end  I am reminded of what a special time this has been and of how proud I am of everyone..

  • Year 8 and 9 students have again had the opportunity of entering for world recognized IGCSE qualifications in English, English as a foreign language, English literature, Mathematics, Spanish, French and Science.
  • Our illustrious Junior School Football Team was for the third time victorious in the all IES football competition.
  • The IES  JS music teacher,  Ms Wilson has done fantastic work with our students this school year producing performances of startling quality
  • The “Skapande Skola” project was again utilised within our JS producing another excellent performance.
  • Our Modern Language department has once again facilitated a very positive exchange with a School from Lille in France with students of both schools having a fantastic educational experience together.
  • The IESE student council has again this year sought to arrange charitable money raising events aimed at raising money to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We have recently held very successful Charity walks, in Junior and Middle School.
  • Our year 9 national test results in English were exceptional, even for us, with a 100% pass rate and 99% of students obtaining an assessment A to C, corresponding to the previous levels VG to MVG.
  • We are very proud that once again 100% of our year 9 students obtained the matriculation necessary to study at High School next year and that 95% of our year 9 students passed in all subjects with a provisional grade point average of 262.

Our thanks go to the IESE PTA for their hard work and support throughout the school year, and for their many contributions that have enhanced the educational experiences of our students. We thank them especially for their provision of guest speaker and generous money gift towards a study visit for year 5 to Tom Tits  and their aim to support this as a yearly event. This school year sees our PTA chair   Meeri Hellsteen step down  as her youngest son graduates from year 9 this school year. I would like to thank Ms. Hellsteen for her immensely valuable, positive and loyal support throughout her time as PTA Chair and for her leadership in heading the outstanding work of our IES PTA helping in putting a “golden edge” on the school experiences of our students.

There are of course many other occurrences, too numerous to mention, that are worthy of note. I warmly recommend the purchase of one of our fantastic student produced yearbooks while stocks last, as this is a great way to prevent these memories being lost in the sands of time. These are truly an excellent documentation of our students`school year.

Our school will be looking to extend the idea of the “House System” to our Junior School during the next academic year. This school enhancement has proven to be a very positive  addition to the quality of school experince for our Middle School students in recent years. I am sure that our Junior students will concur.

In concluding I extend my most sincere thanks to our staff, parents and students for their dedication and hard work, without which none of the above would have been possible.

We wish our year 9` good luck for the future and look forward to seeing our 2015/2016 students again safe and sound when school restarts on August 17th. Again, have a fantastic summer!

Kindest Regards,

Robert Clark
Principal IESE