Principal update

From the Principal
Principal update

Welcome to our school.

I trust  that our stakeholders had a fantastic week 44 with lots of rest and relaxation.

Here at school on duty staff  were very busy with all manner of activities. Selected rooms, hallways and classrooms were painted, the large ventilation fans in our Junior School were replaced with superior models, smoke hatches with electronic steering were changed throughout and school staff made among other things a very impressive custom steel  Junior School playground ball trolley. Our school was also visited throughout the week by a whole series of technicians and experts, all preparing the extensive renovation work soon to be carried out that I mentioned previously.

During this week our year 8 students have their very valuable work experience activity, where our young people have the opportunity to try being at a workplace for a relatively

Next week sees year 8 and 9 parents invited to our IGCSE information evening, where we will describe this great possibility for our students to earn an internationally recognised qualification as a receipt for their already gained skills, abilities and knowledge. During week 46 our outstanding SO and Swedish departments will host a quiz show here at school. Information regarding this great initiative has already been disseminated via Schoolsoft. I  am confident that this will be a fantastic event and am sure that many stakeholders will support this fun opportunity for parents and relatives to get involved in our school events. I am sure that this opportunity will afford our students valuable insights as they begin forming ideas about their possible future educational choices.

The period between now and Christmas is always a very busy one with all manner of activities taking place. It is at this time of year that all become aware of how few weeks there are between now and the 19th December when term ends.

Kindest Regards,
Robert Clark