Principal Update

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

A warm welcome back to everyone as we commence our 2015 Spring Term.

I trust that all have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year Holiday, returning well rested and eager to begin another outstanding Term at IESE.

Following our planning day yesterday staff and students are already in full swing, providing an outstanding learning environment for all. I am confident that we will once again have an outstanding year.

Our planning surrounding the impending building renovation work soon to take place at our school is proceeding according to schedule, with a projected startup date of January 2016. While this date may seem a long way away, the nature of the project to be carried out is such that careful planning to ensure our school continues to function very well throughout is imperative. I am convinced that once completed, this work will make our school facility a truly excellent place to study in for many years to come.

Starting this month IES representatives will be holding meetings with our landlord Sisab and their Architects and Subcontractors to discuss exactly how we will organise this very complex undertaking. We are fully committed to ensuring the maintenance an excellent school facility for staff and students throughout the renovation process. More information regarding this process will be provided to stakeholders as it becomes available.

Yours Faithfully

Robert Clark