IES Cross Country Event

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IES Cross Country Event


IES Cross Country Event

Tuesday 24th September

First of all I would like to say a very well done to all students who participated in this IES Interschool Sports Event for our School, Enskede. It was with great pleasure that we as a School were able to contribute towards this IES Event and I can assure all students that there will be many more to come within the School year calendar. 

On Tuesday 24th September we as a School were invited to a ‘Cross Country Event’ at Hellasgården, where 3boys and 3girls from each year group would compete against 3 other IES Schools. The chosen Year4 and Year5 students ran a distance of 1.45km, Year6 and Year7, 2.8km while the Year8 and Year9’s ran a tough 4.9km.

All students who took part, not only in Enskede but the other 3 Schools showed fantastic attitude, behaviour and support towards everyone before, during and after their race. After all races had completed all 4 Schools in total gathered together to receive medals for those students who came respectively in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 

The students who received medals from Enskede were Henrik Bergman who came 3rd in the Boys Year6/7 race while Vendela Dorch (3rd), Lovisa Karlsson Ask (j2nd), Ella Molvin (j2nd) and Lovisa Bergsten (1st) completed the Girls Year8/9 race in all respected positions.

The final results table in which points were given to all students who competed, looks like this:

I would like to once again congratulate all students from IES Enskede! A fantastic result and performance from you all.

PE Department