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Schools fly green flag following environmental efforts

Schools fly green flag following environmental efforts

Three IES schools are part of the Green Flag sustainability programme. IES Enskede has been awarded the flag again after students showed what they achieved

Students on IES Enskede’s green flag committee arranged and documented ten different activities and submitted them to Grön Flagg, run by Håll Sverige Rent. In June they were able to share the good news that the flag will fly over their school for the second year in a row.

Objectives chosen by the students included reducing paper usage, increasing recycling of  paper and plastic, feeding birds in the winter, and increasing awareness among students of a wide range of environmental issues.

Students are proud of the work that they have done to earn the flag.

Tino from 6A said: “I like being part of the Green Flag Committee because when I do the activities it feels like I am doing something important and meaningful for the climate.”

Disa in 6D agreed: “I like to be in the Green Flag group because it is fun to help the climate and the planet”

Meanwhile Eleanor from 5A added: “I think the best was making the bird feeders”

Year six teacher Clare King has worked with the committee of students to help them run the project.

She said: “I believe that the Green Flag project is a fun, educational and fulfilling project to do within a school. The students have fantastic ideas of how to make the school a more environmentally friendly place, and they really appreciate being listened to and they love seeing these suggestions being put into action by fellow students and teachers.”

IES Enskede is not the only school taking part in the green flag project.  IES Eskilstuna also hold a green flag, their fourth since 2014, while IES Södertälje have started the process to work towards their first green flag.


The green flag journey of IES Enskede this year:

More information about Grön Flagg:


Vi i Femman!

Vi i Femman!

5D was one out of eight classes participating, in Stockholms län, in the first "qualification round" of the classic game show Vi i femman.

Today 15/4, Ellen and Elias (5D's class representatives) competed in the quarter final of "Vi i femman". They competed against class 5:1 at Rudanskolan Huddinge. Due to covid-19, we weren't able to visit and complete the competition at the actual Radiohuset in Stockholm. Instead - we sat in the School library and did it online. The class mascot "Tomten Ahmed'' (that 5D won at a choice day-competition in November) sat with them as their lucky charm. 



Mind sport

With excitement, enthusiasm and light obsession, the students are trying out the new chess boards!! They mostly play during their breaks but also come for quick speed chess sessions in between their lessons.

There are many benefits to playing chess. For example developing and improving cognitive brain functions, problem-solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, pattern recognition, and memorization skills

The school and the students want to thank the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) for this lovely donation. In the coming weeks more games will arrive. Games like UNO and  Mastermind.

-Ms. Jansen, School Librarian 


Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

In year 8 English we are reading the novel Lord of the Flies, about a group of British school boys stranded on a desert island. 8c is reenacting a scene from the novel, showing the power struggle between the main characters.