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Green Flag Committee

Green Flag Committee

IESE has been awarded its first Green Flag by Håll Sverige Rent!

Our first Green Flag committee was voted in in August 2019 and met every week to discuss, plan and implement our plans to make our school and community more environmentally friendly.  

Please see the following link for the details of all the projects we were involved in during the year:

We celebrated our achievements and raised the flag on Monday June 8th!

Congratulations to all involved! And a special thank you to Clare King for helping the students organize this event! 



Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

We celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday April 22nd here at IESE! As it is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we dedicated a noticeboard to a timeline of all the key global environmental events in the past 50 years. Some classes took part in the Svevia Clean Up Stockholm Project by picking up rubbish in the Gubbängen area, filling 12 bags in one hour! After lunch the Green Flag committee planted bedding plants in our flower boxes and planted some seeds that will create a bee-friendly environment in our school garden in the summer. Happy Earth Day! 

2020/2021 Term Dates

Academic Year 2020-21


Autumn Term 2020

Students start: Monday 17 August 
Autumn Holiday (week 44): 26 - 30/10
Last day of term: Friday 18/12


Spring Term 2021

Students start: Tuesday 12 January
Sports Holiday (week 9): 1 - 5/3
Easter Holiday (week 14): 6 - 9/4
Holidays: Friday 14/5 
Last day of academic year: Friday 11 June 

Mitt i musiken’ with the “Blåsarsymfonikerna

Mitt i musiken’ with the “Blåsarsymfonikerna

On the 12th February, year 5 took part in ‘Mitt i musiken’ with the “Blåsarsymfonikerna”. The students sat in the orchestra, next to the musicians and listened to them perform.

They also learnt about what the instruments sounded like and how they are played. The conductor explained his job and the students were able to have a go at conducting the orchestra themselves.

Later on in the day, all of grade 4 and 5 took part in an assembly and performed the song Mama Mia together with the orchestra.

If your children were interested in the project or playing an instrument you can find more information at -

Reading Week

Reading Week

Reading week

Last week (w. 4) all of the students and teachers in middle school read a book of their choice between 10.00 and 10.20, no matter the subject. That means 65 000 minutes of reading this week! This was an initiative to get the students to read more and to appreciate their reading. It's been a really nice week with a calm start to the day and hopefully some students will keep on reading at home.


Reading comprehension is an ability that we test in a few subjects, but it's importance reaches further than that. It helps you to understand so much more information in your life and brings joy to reading a good book. 


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