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Orienteering Success for IES Student

Orienteering Success for IES Student

(image courtesy of Roger Glännefors)

A 31 minute run in Dalecarlia saw an IES student take first prize at the Swedish School Championships in Orienteering.

Fredrik Glännefors, from class 8E at Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede, was one of around 20 students who took part in the competition, near Vansbro, in western Dalecarlia.

He recorded a time of 31 minutes and six seconds over a course of 4.7km in the H14 Skol-SM.

He said: “It was a good race. It was pretty hard orienteering, but I completed the course with no mistakes. It was tough terrain to run and there was a lot of hill climbing.

"I had no clue how well I would do, but it felt good when I was running. When I came in at the finish I had some thought of winning."

Fredrik was one of the first to run the course and then needed to wait to see how the other competitors managed.  In the end he shared the first prize as another young man, from nearby Borlänge, came in with the exact same time - 31:06.

Fredrik said: “It’s a waiting game, I was with my friends, they ran in another class so I could talk to them too.

"I heard that there is a control in the forest where you can hear what time the other runners have, and I heard that it was very close. I thought I had beaten the other person by one second but when the result was announced we had the same time. I was happy for him that he had done so well too."

Fredrik has enjoyed the sport since he was five-years-old and feels like the mental and physical aspects of the sport are equally important.

He said: "It’s a balance, if you run too fast then you make mistakes, but you also have to have a good pace. You can lose a minute with a mistake, and five minutes with a big mistake.

“I have always loved orienteering. I have some high goals for myself in the future, I want to be the best and run in the world championships.”

Mr Robert Clark, Principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan congratulated the year eight student on his success.  He said: "I am of course very proud of Fredrik`s achievement and am a firm believer in the importance of physical activity as one prerequisite of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle."

From the Principal

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede

Dear Stakeholders,

A sincere welcome to the International English School Enskede to all who are new and a warm welcome back to existing students and parents.

I hope and trust that you have had a fantastic Summer and that you are well rested, looking forward to a fantastic successful school year.

Non teaching staff have been hard at work all Summer improving the school building. We have created a new school entrance reception area by F1, we have painted multiple stairwells, classrooms, toilets, doors and door frames, corridor plant boxes and much more. Lighting has also been changed in Middle school stairwells.

We have new chromebooks for staff and students throughout the school and new trolleys specially designed to carry a full class set of chromebooks. I am sure that these important resources will be put to very good use in coming years. A number of classroom projectors and screens have also been replaced as part of our ongoing process of improvement.

I am confident that we will all have a fantastic school year and look forward to, together, once again embarking on our journey toward academic excellence and bilingualism.


Kindest Regards,

Robert Clark
Principal IESE

A Proud Day As Year Nine Students Graduate

A Proud Day As Year Nine Students Graduate

 As the summer holidays approached, students in year nine at schools across Sweden prepared to bid farewell for the last time.

For those attending Internationella Engelska Skolan, the event is marked by a grand occasion, a graduation ceremony featuring distinctive caps and gowns, where the achievements of students are honoured.

As well as speeches and awards, the ceremonies also feature music and joy, as proud parents witness their children passing a milestone and moving on to new challenges.

Mr Robert Clark, Principal of IES Enskede, addresses the graduating class

At Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede, the original IES school, principal Mr Robert Clark spoke to his departing year nine students.

He told them: “A few months ago I got everyone together in the hall, but there weren't so many parents here, and we sat and I said - ‘Pretty soon you are going to be wearing these gowns and you are going to be asking yourselves the questions: Am I satisfied? Am I happy? Did I do my best? Am I going where I need to be?' and you listened, you have worked incredibly hard. I would like you to put your hands together for the teachers, because they have, not just this year, but in the years before, they have worked really hard for you.

"You have done fantastically well, I have very much enjoyed your company and interacting with you, I am very proud to have been your principal during your years at this school.  There are some amazing people in this room, and I am so sure that you are going to do great things, and I will be following you with interest."

Year nine graduate Felix Persson (right), formerly of class 9E at IES Enskede, won the school’s Ambassador Award for the contribution he has made to the atmosphere in the school.

After the ceremony he said:  "It was fun, it was nice to end, but I am also bit sad leaving friends and changing schools. Now I will be changing schools, moving away from English school and wrapping up having gone to the English school for six years.

"I was surprised to win an award, I didn't count on winning anything but it does fit, I like helping people and keeping people together, talking to different people."

IES Lund, which opened three years ago celebrated the graduation of its first ever grade nine class.

Mr Per Ola Olsson, Principal of IES Lund, speaks to his graduating class

The principal, Mr Per Ola Olsson said: "We have shown excellent results in both the grades and the  national tests.  It has been a successful year and I would like to thank all the students but especially my hard-working staff, who have made this possible. I really would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all you who work at IES Lund, teachers, non-teaching staff, supervision, administration and student care, all of you who contribute so much to making this a great school."

The graduates and the assembled crowd in Lund were also addressed by their student representative (left), who said:  "I am really honoured to be the one holding the valedictorian speech of 2016. I am so excited to be standing here in front of all you people, my name is Beata Erici and we have just finished ninth grade.  Gathered here around me today I see my lovely classmates, we have worked so hard these two years and are now just looking forward to summer, and sun and the ability to use our phones again.  I can still remember those first awkward days when we all met, we were so worried about speaking English, dressing appropriately and  pronouncing Mr Neppelberg’s name correctly that we completely forgot that we were just a bunch of insecure teenagers."

After the summer a new set of grade nine students will step forward for the first time, ready to make the most of their last year with IES before it is their turn to graduate next summer.

Graduating Students Perform at IES Enskede