Welcome from the Principal

Robert Clark

Dear Guardians,


I would like to wish you all a welcome return after Sportlov.


Mr. Clark has now retired after a long and illustrious career as Principal of IES Enskede. Mr Clark has provided an outstanding example of effective school leadership throughout his tenure at IES, training multiple Principals, that have started their own successful schools.

It has been a truly honourable experience to have been mentored by him for the past 13 years and I intend to carry his vision into the next stage at IES Enskede.


This past term the staff at Enskede have been working hard to create a positive learning experience for all students and make school an engaging place of learning.


We will continue to focus on and develop further upon our 3 main pillars that are core to our success,

A safe and orderly school environment where teachers can teach and students learn. Order, structure and safety are necessary prerequisites for learning. A school characterized by discipline and calm learning conditions also signals respect for the value of education. “Tough love” became the motto for a school which is strict in norms for behavior, but simultaneously conveys love for the students and a strong will to help each child succeed. Practicing good manners and proper behavior in a workplace combined with an appreciation of the positive results of hard work prepares students for success in adult life.


High academic expectations and aspirations. Our conviction is that every child can achieve success irrespective of social background. This ambition to support every student to realize his or her own potential applies to those requiring special support to meet standards as well as the most gifted learners.


Command of English. English has become the world's common language, “the key to the world”. Children should learn to command the English language, not just know it, at an early age. Fluency is best achieved through language immersion, instructed by native English-speaking teachers in an international atmosphere.


I’m positive, that along with the already engaging students, PTA and staff, we all can work together to create the best possible school we can be.


Important Upcoming Events

Subject: Student Parent Teacher Evenings (SPT’s) - March 26 & 27

Subject Talent Show - 29 March

Easter Break - Week 16

End of Spring Term - Thursday 13 June, 2019.


The full School calendar can be found on Schoolsoft.


Kind Regards,

Steven Bye



New Junior School Library
During week 9 IES non teaching staff worked extremely hard creating our new purpose built learning center. This new facility combines AV, Library and IT sections.

We are confident that this fantastic facility will be put to excellent use by our JS staff, significantly helping our year 4 and 5 students in their journey toward being truly bilingual in Swedish and English.

Dear Stakeholders,

Welcome all to another fantastic school year at Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede. I trust that everyone is well rested after the fantastic Summer break and ready for all that the school year 2016/2017 has to bring.

At school we have been busy throughout the break with all manner of building renovations and improvements. Most significant among these has been the total renovation of our Auditorium with new carpet, upholstery and seat frames/desks. There has also been extensive painting both inside the building and out giving our school that essential bright and cared for look.

Recent weeks have seen our staff very busy preparing for the impending student school start, including all manner of seminars, an all IES new staff day here at Enskede with 450 participants and a very successful IESE kickoff at a Japanese Spa. I am confident that our staff, both new and experienced, are well prepared for an outstanding school year.

I am also very pleased with how we have started the new school year during this first week. Our students have made a great start and been repeatedly praised by staff for being so positive and focussed. I am sure we are going to have a great school year with our students reaching the maximum of their potential in a truly bilingual environment.

Again Welcome!

Robert Clark



End of Year - Welcome to the Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede

With only a few short weeks left of this academic year our school is now at full speed in all areas. There is so much that needs to fit into the last part of the Spring term that I sometimes wonder how we, each year, manage to get everything to fit. Students and staff are very busy with national tests, IGCSE examinations, end of term assessments, grading, reporting, academic competitions, sports days, class trips, house trips, graduation ceremonies, the prom, and much more.

With the recent great weather all at school begin to see the Summer holidays in the not too distant future. For our year 9 students, of course, there is the realisation that their amazing 6 year journey toward academic excellence and bilingualism with us here at IES Enskede is soon to be completed. Our year 9 students have now traveled that journey as described by me to them in the Aula all those years ago when our year 9's were only 10.

I am sure that all at IES Enskede are fully committed to ensuring that we have an absolutely fantastic end to that which has been a truly outstanding school year.

Best Wishes,

Robert Clark